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“It is about creating a website that embodies your passions and displays to the world what you want most of your business” thus begins Blogging with John Chow. This new class by John take the student through the process of creating a blog and making money.

John’s three core ideas are:

  • Take Action
  • Create Value
  • Be Consistent

Create Value and Be Consistent can be seen throughout but Take Action is more of my idea of what John is getting too. If you want a successful blog, then create a blog that give value and is consistent. Oh, there is a lot more in his training, but I think that if you take just these points away you will have a successful blog. Of course there is the how to make money part of the course, which for some of you will be a key point in having a successful blog.

What I took away from this is that if you want to make money blogging, then you need to run it like a business because it is a business. Of course one that you should be passionate about, and what I like about John is that he goes into the how to make blogging work for your passion. In fact, it was not until I met John that I really thought about making money online. I tend to be more traditional in my work with non-profits and local government. Yet, this means looking at the process through a business person eyes. John will push into gray areas that I would not be conferrable. He never suggest lying or anything that would be illegal, only that to promote yourself, you may need to push that truth a bit or leave open something you wrote about yourself so that your audience will fill in the blanks with positive information. This is valuable insight into the process of marketing yourself as a brand, but one that you will need to decide where the lines need to be drawn. 

Sometime John’s writing did leave me confused…well more like I needed to reread his words in order to connect what he was conveying. I think that it detracts from what he is trying to communicate at times. The good news is that you can and should reread his training a few time anyway.

So, what do you get with this blogging class:

  • Each of the training module begins with a video introduction helping the student orientate themselves to the subject matter
  • Straight forth instructions on branding, creating and filling a blog, and making money
  • A 30 Day Action Plan (I really like the action part because this may be the top failure point for any blogging project)
  • And, my favorite, Seven Habits for Successful Bloggers with the seventh being reading John Chow dot com. 

The best thing I found as I was reading John’s training material was I would stopping reading to take action on his advice. This is the core of what is good about Blogging with John Chow, you can read and apply this training right away to your blog in order for you to be successful.

So, do I think that this is a good value? Yes, John take his years of experience and writing to provide you a convenient training on how to start and make money from a blog. 



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3 comments on “John Chow Blogging Class
  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. As we discussed last week, I am considering the course.

  2. Yara says:

    Hi there William thank you for this review. I’m planning on buying this course, but I’m completely new to blogging, I wanted to know if this program is suited for beginners like me? Can you elaborate on that? Thanks! Yara

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